Redefining Agriculture Through Technology

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Livestock Manager is designed for the commercial livestock enterprises that need detailed livestock management records. It is flexible to handle multiple identifications while tracking treatments, pedigree, animal movements, calving, milk production etc.

Historical information for each animal is easy to find. Notes can be added to keep you organized while reports can be customized for viewing animal and herd performance. With Livestock Manager, a farmer can record and keep track of their Livestock from birth all the way to sale. It captures all animal events as well as keep track of the most important dates in the animal’s lifetime.

The farmer can keep track of all the number of animals on the farm, costing and performance metrics, as well as financial tracking from the sale of animals.

Features like Paddock, Farm Map and Mob Manager allow farmers to move animals from one location to another and track the movement history. The system helps one to manage bull exposure as well as make informed breeding decisions.

The Feed Manager allows farm managers to have a feeding plan and easily track the amount of food consumed by each animal. Farmers can formulate feeds, generate and print out feed formulations, calculate the cost of feed that is being consumed by each animal, enabling a farmer make an informed decision in the operation of his farm.





With our data analytics system, farmers can generate individual animal or herd performance reports to generate actionable insights from milk production, financial, breeding, or feed production data. The system analyses the data recorded, to generate treatment, sales, purchases, Cow & Bull Inventory, Calving Performance, and Milk Production/Lactations Reports.


With Inventory Manager, a farmer can keep track of feeds in stock, fertilizers, sprays, semen, medicine, embryos, and seeds. The farmer can capture serial and batch numbers, withholding period for medicines, expiry dates, quantity stocked, and threshold stock level. The system alerts a farmer through a notification when the current inventory reaches the threshold, so that he can restock in time.


With the Servings Manager, farmers can track the due dates for each animal be it under pasture breed, AI, or embryos management. The system tracks the estimated calving period for animals based on when they were exposed to the Sires, and also generates activities to be carried out during the pregnancy, under notification. With such information, it is possible to monitor the breeding program of each animal with ease.

Revenue Calculator

A feedlot’s profit is impacted by labor costs, the price of feed, the cost of cattle and the selling price of cattle, and therefore calculating the cost of production can help farmers determine the number of cattle needed on the lot to remain successful.
Revenue Calculator enables the farmer to calculate the cost of production, generating Gross Margin, and Return on Investment estimates. Calculating your cost of production is an important step in assessing herd performance, a key component in making informed data driven decisions. For performance improvement of a meat or milk producing enterprise, a good understanding of the current health of the business is essential.